About Us - Arca de la Alianza
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Arca de la Alianza offers within its organization a systematic process of development and implementation plan to achieve objectives. This, in order to respond efficiently to the different challenges that arise in each of the projects it carries out. With this planning there is a transversal line of work, to which each project must respond in its execution, intervention methodologies and achieved indicators.


In order to achieve a methodical work that respond to the current challenges of society, the operational action plans carried out by Arca de la Alianza are aligned with the sustainable development objectives proposed by the UN.


Provide quality of life to women and children who are facing situations of extreme need due to the precarious development conditions of the areas where they live.


Arca de la Alianza, is an organization that works to improve the living conditions of women, children and indigenous populations, seeking to generate installed capacity in the communities where we work, to empower people in their life project.


By sponsoring a child you provide them with the possibility of receiving food, school supplies and resources to be part of an educational center. To be a part of this effort you only have to donate $ 15 USD a month