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Yurumal Missionaries


Msgr. Miguel Angel Builes founded the Institute of Javeriano Missionaries of Yarumal in 1927, with the purpose of forming priests, brothers, and laity. Then, after they finalize their process send them throughout the different countries in America, Africa and Asia, and carry the Good News of Salvation to those who are excluded and marginalized.


In partnership with the Institute of Javeriana Missionaries of Yarumal, we work evangelizing the poorest, especially in towns where they do not know Christ. In the places where we carry out MISSION, we accompany the process with building local parishes, as well as promoting formative meetings of community organization, health, housing, education, and work training. This is part of the contribution of the Colombian Church in the construction of a more just, and human world.


Service to the poor is one of the most rewarding experiences that us as human beings can live, helping the transformation and improvement of the quality of life of the most vulnerable, contributing to their growth as a person and contributing to their spiritual life.  Do you have that calling?  With us you can live it.


The Institute has its doors open for those who in their daily life feel the vocation to serve those who need it most. If you are a university student, professional, or a regular Christian of the world you are welcome, you only have to place your talent to the service of the most needy in Colombia, or in any of the countries where we carry out a mission.


To strengthen the work, in different cities of Colombia, we form missionary groups – support groups, missionary circles – that meet to grow in faith and strengthen their missionary commitment, to actively participate in the mission we carry out in favor of the excluded and marginalized. We invite you to join us in one of our groups, or we can help you form one of your own where you reside.


By sponsoring a child you provide them with the possibility of receiving food, school supplies and resources to be part of an educational center. To be a part of this effort you only have to donate $ 15 USD a month