Projects - Arca de la Alianza
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They need you, Help us.

How to Donate?

These donations are destined to Provide quality of life to women and children who are facing situations of extreme need due to the precarious development conditions of the areas where they live.


Prayer is the first thing we find necessary to have, we need to fill ourselves with strength to get ahead and not falter along the way.  Secondly we need volunteers, determined hardworking people who want to contribute so that we can construct a better world.  We count on your support.


With this project, we accompany and strengthen schools where children work as
pastors during the day and at the end of their working day perform their academic


Water is a vital element, Ark of the Alliance contributes to the construction of wells in Africa, so that the populations that are in the deepest part of the African jungles have access to this resource that provides them with a better quality of life and access to other resources  that are derived from these wells.


All the clothes that we receive in good condition is distributed among religious
communities in Colombia, we also take clothes to the children of Africa and to the
families that are in extreme poverty.


By sponsoring a child, you are directly linked with them and you offer them the possibility of having the best quality of life, guaranteeing them food, their school supplies and some resources to acquire an education .  By contributing 15$ a month, you can be part of the change.